Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Leavenworth Washington August 2009

Here we are, all 7 of us in one place, wonders never cease!

We went on a weekend vacation with the kids and 4 of their friends. We got to the campground with only about 1/2 hour to spare, before the Ranger went home. Good thing, I didn't want to sleep in the car with all those kids (9 in all!). Travis and 2 of his buddies put up "their" tent. Leigha and her friend put up "their" tent. All in the dark of course.

The next morning we had breakfast, the boys went bike riding and shocking I know Leigha slept in. Around 1:00pm we went to Skykomish to pick up Travis's other friend (he couldn't come until Saturday, so we met him and his Mom halfway). When we got back the kids went Kayaking, more bike riding, and played on what they called, "Big Rock!" (Huge like 10 foot tall boulder in the middle of the campground). That night after dinner the kids sang karaoke. It was hysterical. You have to imagine that most people at Thousand Trails campgrounds are retired. So here we march in with 9 kids who want to sing. It was the most excitement these people have probably had in months. Everyone was laughing at the kids, it was priceless.

Sunday morning, I made a huge breakfast. I totally thought I had WAY too much food. But no, I have never seen kids eat that much food, that quickly. We didn't waste a single morsel of food all weekend. Kids did more swimming, biking, etc.

Monday it was time to go. We packed up. On the way home, we stopped at Deception Falls and the kids jumped in. It was ice cold (so they tell me), but that didn't stop them, I think my kids and their friends made some wonderful memories this weekend.

THE BEES WERE MONSTERS! (I'll leave it at that).

Wyatt at the family "ROCK" in Leavenworth. Wyatt had been camping before (last summer in Chehalis), but he was so little then. This time he ate "well gummed" smores, played in the dirt and watched the "big kids" sing karaoke. He had a great time during the day, night was a completely different story. Oh well, Mom's aren't supposed to REST on vacation, are they???

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  1. Such a fun trip! Was that the TT in Leavenworth? We saw bears there last year! I love that place and looks like lil Wyatt loved it too - so cute!