Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 coming to an end

Brady on his first day of Pre-K

DJ Wyatt !!!!!

Leigha, Travis and Wyatt in "Wyatt & Mommy's Ambulance" on Wyatt's first birthday. "His" paramedics showed up as a big surprise to us, with a little help from Jocelyn.

Pirate Wyatt.

Travis enjoying the March 2009 snow!!!

Anthony on his 13th birthday

We have at an eventful year to say the least. Now that this year is coming to an end our family can look forward to the future. We've certainly gained a new perspective on things, that's for sure. This coming year, we plan to just spend more quality time together as a family. Life gets busy, other things get in the way, but we've made a commitment to our family and to each other to be together as often as possible. They grow up so fast, we don't want to miss a second. We never know what path God will send us on, so we plan to cease every moment. Tom and I are truly blessed to have our amazing children. God trusted us with these beautiful souls and we plan to cherish that gift.