Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The regular season for Club 9 Nationals Maroon has come to an end.  The boys still have a Tacoma Tournament and an Idaho Tournament this month.  Good luck boys!  Here are some pictures of Travis the last few weeks. 

Travis ended up playing all 9 positions this year.  He mainly played catcher, third base and right field.

After Sliding practice.  (These pants were white)
(left to right) Travis, Cory, Riley, Justin and Lucas

Travis pitching........not a regular thing for Travis, but he pitched
very well.  Threw 6 pitches and assisted in the 2nd and 3rd outs!

Travis on third base trying to steal home!


My beautiful, amazing, talented and generous Leigha Nicole is 19 today. It feels like yesterday that my baby was born. I was in labor forever. Back and forth to the hospital for about a week. But finally after a long day my only girl made me a mama. I remember holding her in my arms and thinking, "Holy crap! Now I'm responsible for a human. I killed my 7 gold fish, how can I handle a baby". That day was the day that changed everything that I ever cared about, from that day on, I knew that I just wanted to be a mommy. Thank you munchkin for changing my life. I love you so so much. Happy birthday!