Sunday, November 1, 2009

The last few months.....

Hi friends,

We have been busy the last few months, so I really haven't had a chance to update anyone.

Now school is in full swing: Leigha 10th grade, Anthony home school 7th grade, Travis 5th grade, and Brady Pre-Kindergarten. Maybe we can get into a pattern.

What's New:

Anthony started having seizures again. We were sooo close. We hit the 6 month mark, no seizures, no medicine, and then in the early morning hours of Sept 24th, God reminded me, not to get too comfortable, not to let my guard down. Since then, no seizures, back on his meds, so we're going down the 2 year road of meds. once again. He's better now, side effects from the medication is gone now. He's just bummed, because I finally relaxed a little and let him stay home alone, and now he can't. Just sucks, we've been down this road before and it's like Candy Land, we hit the ugly monster and have to go back to start. Crap.....

Wyatt is doing well. He took his first official steps on Oct 27, 2009. He is cruising now, he tries to let go and walk all the time now. Pretty soon he will be a natural. He is still having a hard time putting on weight. He's 20 months and weighs 22 pounds. That's the average weight of like a 12 month old. He had a Growth Hormone Stimulation Test about 2 weeks ago. That was a long day. He had to have an IV (which took 4 tries to get), then had to have blood drawn from the IV port every 30 minutes for 2 1/2 hours. The test just came back, negative, which means no Growth Hormone problems. So what's next, you ask. We go back to Cincinnati on Dec 1, and they will do MRI/MRS to see if that will give them a clue about his growth. Maybe he'll just be a peanut, that's okay. I tell you what, he is getting pretty heavy to pack around. Yeah!!!

Until next time.