Monday, May 31, 2010

The Staffenhagens

We have been a busy group. Here's what's been happening in a nutshell.

Tom - working hard, running practically everyday, relaxing (not too much)

Melissa - taking care of the kids, driving, taking care of the house, NOT running everyday.

Leigha - almost 16, practicing driving, planning 16th bday extravaganza, made the LSHS cheer team for next year

Anthony - only 13 days of school left - Yeah, being a great big brother to Wyatt

Travis - Baseball, baseball, baseball, need I say more (those of you baseball families out there, now exactly what I'm saying), starting a tournament in a few days, got his first cell phone.

Brady - Preschool is over. Pretty much stays in his jammies all day. Has the biggest imagination ever.

Wyatt - 25 pounds now and growing everyday. Talks all the time. My favorite is, "HI MOM!" so cute. The Rock and Roll Marathon for PPMD is less than a month away. "Team Wyatt" raised over $6400 so far.